A place for worship
A place for prayer

OurmissionWe praise God together through worship, participation in the community and care for those inside and outside of our doors. We're a little church with a big heart - and we hope you'll stop by!

We build community

We are a year-round parish that strives to be family friendly. We care about Branchport - we've been here for the community since 1859.

We worship God

As Christians, we worship God and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe that church can be a foundation for life, the rock on which our lives stand.

We laugh together

We love having fun at St. Luke's! Our community activities include barbecues, potlucks and concerts. We hope you'll find energy and vitality here, as we have.

We support each other

At St. Luke's, we truly care for one another. Our goal is to be here for you - whether you're a seasonal resident or live year-round in Yates County.