The Very Rev. Philip H. Kasey

Priest in Charge

Welcome to St. Luke’s!

I am blessed to serve as Pastor to this community of lively Christians who worship together regularly and care for each other constantly.  We are not so much an “active” church as a committed one. We’re not here to keep you busy, but to keep you centered, strengthened to go about your life secure in knowing that God is with you every step of the way. I have found our congregation to be committed to Christ and to each other as a parish family bound together in prayer and compassion.  

Now that you have visited us online, we hope you’ll come worship with us on Sunday morning at 9:30.  Our church is located on West Lake Rd in Branchport, just south of the blinking light. Please plan to join us for our potluck supper in the parish house five doors down from the church at 6pm on the second Thursday of the month.

Our Episcopal congregation has been worshipping in this beautiful little church since just after the end of the Civil War, so you will not be surprised to find our weekly Communion service to be pretty traditional.  But the Christian tradition we are most committed to is “loving our neighbors as ourselves.” so everything about us is quite personal.  We are open to new ideas in all areas of our common life together.  In our prayer & music, outreach & fellowship, we are always open to being led in new directions determined by the gifts of our members.

I can’t presume to say what your personal experience of St. Luke’s is going to be.  All I know is that every Sunday morning I’m refreshed and excited as I drive from our home on the other side of Geneva, along the lake, and over the hills to Branchport, to join the caring band of pilgrims who gather every week at St. Luke’s.  The only thing that could be better would be to have You there with us on Sunday as well!


God’s Peace Be With You,
Fr. Phil